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Reduced total cost of ownership with Alfa Laval Performance Agreement

Cargill is an international producer of food, agricultural and industrial products. Four Alfa Laval separators with Condition Monitoring systems were commissioned at the company's sunflower vegetable oil plant in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Cargill also invested in a Performance Agreement with extended commitments to get maximum benefits from their new equipment.

DATE 2022-01-27

The Performance Agreement makes Alfa Laval fully responsible for all maintenance service for the four separators over the coming ten years. The annual fee is fixed and covers all expenses for spare parts and labour regardless of what is needed to keep operations running. The agreement also regulates the maximum time before the machines must be up and running in case of an unplanned stop. 

I am looking forward to working in partnership with Alfa Laval to continuously improve our maintenance processes. This setup allows both companies to focus on their respective core competencies.” HENK VEDDER, MAINTENANCE MANAGER AT THE CARGRILL PLANT

Preventive Maintenance and Condition Monitoring provide optimal performance

By logging and analyzing a number of variables, maintenance work is optimized for performance and uptime. Problems are discovered before they become critical and optimum service intervals are established.

Alfa Laval is fully responsible and I don't have to worry about a thing." 

Tailored for performance

Performance Agreements are tailor-made service solutions that meet your specific needs by combining any of the services in the Alfa Laval 360° Service Portfolio over a defined period of time. 

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Extending performance with the Alfa Laval 360° Service Portfolio

Our extensive service portfolio offers all the services you need to ensure top performance,
maximum uptime and operating efficiency from your Alfa Laval equipment throughout its life cycle. Our team of experts and the availability of parts bring you peace of mind.

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