Alfa Laval DuroCore high-pressure offshore gas compression cooler combines efficient heat transfer and superior reliability with small footprint.

Large fluid channels and the unique plate design, including the patented rollercoaster pattern, ensure optimum flow and maximum uptime.

With Alfa Laval DuroCore high-pressure compression cooler we take the plate-and-shell heat exchanger category to a higher performance and more service friendly level. Alfa Laval DuroCore combines the thermal efficiency of our plate heat exchangers with the robustness and reliability of conventional shell-and-tube heat exchangers. In a much smaller footprint than a corresponding shell-and-tube, it can handle pressures up to 250 bar (3650 psi) and temperatures from -46°C (-51°F) to 200°C (392°F), making it ideal for demanding offshore installations where space always is a premium.

The benefits of Alfa Laval DuroCore high-pressure compression cooler:

  • Large fluid channels and the unique design of the plates, including the patented rollercoaster pattern, ensure high reliability in operation and maximum uptime
  • Substantial savings in footprint compared to traditional shell-and-tube exchangers
  • Removable core that makes it easy to reach all inner parts and allows for quick inspection and maintenance with small maintenance area
    Available also in titanium, which enables direct cooling with seawater

How it works

Efficient flow minimizes fouling

The gas enters the plate pack through the side connection, while cooling medium flows in from the bottom via the central connection. The design allows for co-current or counter-current flow arrangements.

The patented rollercoaster pattern of the plates creates a highly turbulent flow, which minimizes fouling and clogging. Also, the large fluid channels ensure long trouble-free operations without loosing efficiency due to scaling on cooling side or fouling on the gas side.

Welds that meet your challenges

When it comes to high thermal performance under difficult process conditions, Alfa Laval DuroCore high-pressure compression cooler has distinctive advantages over alternate exchangers including shell-and-tube.

The heart of the cooler is a cylindrical core of laser-welded heat-transfer plates in stainless steel or titanium. With laser technology we can achieve the most accurate weld with less heat impact on the surrounding material. This results in a weld with less stress and significantly improved fatigue properties. Alfa Laval has mastered laser welding for more than 30 years with tens of thousands of installations around the world.

Unique plate design eliminates peak stress

Alfa Laval DuroCore is specifically designed to withstand variations in temperature and pressure. To accomplish that we had to move away from the traditional plate-and-shell design with its weak, peak-stressed spots.

Traditionally corrugated plate-and-shell pattern promotes expansion and contraction in one dimension only. This makes the plates sensitive to fatigue failures. DuroCore’s unique and patented plate pattern is equally strong in all directions. The result is a plate pack that is robust against both thermal- and pressure fatigue.

Easy to maintain and safe

The plate pack is totally removable which makes Alfa Laval DuroCore high-pressure compression cooler easy to maintain, still in a small footprint.

By removing the bolted cover you get easy access to the core and can easily lift it out for full inspection, cleaning and repair. The shell with the high-pressure gas connections doesn't need to be removed.

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